Product Review: Ergo Baby Carrier

I have been wanting to review the ERGO baby carrier for some time now. After Wednesday’s 3.5-hour stint around Chicago, I was moved to make it the focus of today’s writing.

Our good friend Helen turned us on the ERGO before Jude was born. She and her husband love to hike, and when their sweet daughter was born, they needed something comfortable and durable to carry her around in on their trips.

I’ve been carrying Jude in his ERGO since he was about two months old. I would have liked to have used it earlier, but the truth is, I was quite lazy for those first two months post partum. I instantly loved this carrier. It was easy to get Jude into (on my front), it supported his head (though I supported his head manually in those early months as well), it was comfortable, and it felt sturdy.

At some point in Jude’s early life, I decided to give the back carry a try. I watched the instruction video online, and it looked easy enough. Well, it may be that this mama is the least coordinated of the bunch, but thank God I was trying to get Jude on while hovering over our bed. If I hadn’t been… well, I think he might have gotten a concussion. Head injury aside, once I actually got Jude into the back carry (try number 4, in case you’re wondering), I again found the ERGO to be really, really comfortable. All of the straps are really easy to adjust, and because of the carrier’s design, it’s easy to get your little one close to your body, which makes balancing the extra weigh quite simple.

Just about 2 months ago, I discovered that the ERGO baby carrier could also be used to support a hip carry! Wow. What can’t you do with this thing? It took me watching the online video a few times to get the straps configured properly, but once I did, it was easy to get Jude into and comfortable to wear. Noticing a trend?

Wednesday afternoon, at around 3pm, Josh, Jude, and I left our house and headed downtown. I had been wearing Jude in a framed backpack carrier for quite a few months now, but that day opted to wear him in the ERGO We had quite a few stops to make. We walked a bunch, rode a few buses, and took one trip on the L. We arrived home at around 6:30pm, and for the first time in a long time, my back wasn’t killing me. My legs hurt, but I think that’s reasonable considering all the moving I did with an extra 24 pounds (give or take) strapped to my front side. Don’t get me wrong, I really like our framed back pack. It allows Jude to sit up high on my back and get a really good view of what’s going on. It’s fairly comfortable and does a decent job of distributing its/his weight. I like it, I’ll continue to use it, but it really, really hurts my back. I don’t know why it is… perhaps because it’s design doesn’t allow me to get Jude close enough to my body. I really have to work to stabilize and balance myself when I have Jude on my back in it. With the ERGO baby carrier I barely notice that Jude’s there (except for when he pinches my arms. Then I notice him.).

The ERGO Baby Carrier has a seat belt clip with a safety catch that hooks around your waist and a chest strap that fastens around your chest or across your upper back, depending on what carry you’re using. Both belts, along with the shoulder straps, are easily adjustable. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and don’t slip when adjusted properly. Last I checked, the ERGO was available in a number of different colors. Ours is green and black, and you can see all of the color options and purchase ERGO baby carriers here.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable, durable baby carrier, I would suggest you check into getting an ERGO baby carrier It’s a great way to wear your baby whether you’re on a 10-mile hike or simply unloading the dishwasher!

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