Harnessing Evil

Well, okay, not exactly evil, but today I employed the use of the almighty DVD so that I could finish (re)reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There. I admitted it. I used VeggieTales as a babysitter. Guilty as charged.

But back on the topic of Harry Potter, I have to say that even after this, my fourth read-through of the final installment of the HP series, I still feel unsatisfied. The Dumbledore of book seven didn’t read like the Dumbledore of the previous six. The final battle, while grand, didn’t unite the houses, though the Sorting Hat asserted that harmony between them was crucial in this, the fight against evil. We saw little of Snape and even less of Ginny, who I think we all assumed was going to be a great asset to Harry in defeating Voldemort. *sigh* The magic just wasn’t there for me this time around.

In non-HP news, Jude and I had another really nice day together. We read and cooked; napped and walked; hugged and wrestled. I’m relieved that, for the time being at least, Jude seems to be feeling good–well-rested, well-fed, and well, heard. My goal for tomorrow is, weather permitting, to get out to the park right after breakfast. We spent just a little time there this afternoon, but the number of kids there (especially older kids) overwhelmed this mama, and we abandoned the playground quickly in favor of a walk around the neighborhood.

How did you spend your Tuesday?

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One thought on “Harnessing Evil

  1. Crazy! I am re-reading book 7 now, too, and you’re right, it’s–honestly, and sorry J.K.–just not a good book. I’m dreading getting into the whole “on the run” section, and yes, the fight at the end is somewhat ridiculous. I think the only part of the book that I didn’t find to be tired is when Harry buries Dobby. But even THAT scene gives no explanation…just hints that there is something more to that scenario of a human burying an elf.

    Aaaaand, now that I’ve exposed my nerdiness for all to see… :)

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