Birthday Acquisitions

Totally off-topic tangent: For the past few days, the weather has been fantastic in Chicago! Temps have been near 70, there has a light to moderate breeze, and the air has smelled incredibly wonderful. If I could somehow have 365 days of this kind of weather each year, I would totally take it.

Friday was my 28th (!) birthday–a momentous occasion, I assure you. Josh, Jude, and I had a fairly low-key day. Breakfast was eaten at Charmers Cafe, and lunch was had at home. I lost more than an hour and a half of my life in the movie theater (we saw Astro Boy. It was horrible), but a nice dinner at Panera made up for it.

After dinner, Josh sent me shopping for new shoes or a new purse. He and Jude were still finishing up their dinners, so I braved the dark streets (it was after 5pm after all) of downtown Evanston for a while by myself. Though I struck out on finding a cute pair of flats for purchase, I did find a really nice bag/purse at Uncle Dan’s.

I have been wanting something less diaper-bag like and more purse-like for a while now. I wanted something that could fit an extra diaper or two, wipes, a change of pants (or a whole outfit) for Jude, Jude’s water bottle, possibly a container of snacks, my fancy new camera, my wallet, my keys, and my cell phone. Also, a tube of chapstick. Sounds like I need a duffel bag, eh?

Well, the bag I got is on the small-ish side. I might not be able to fit my camera if I need to bring an entire change of clothes for Jude along with us wherever we’re going, but if I can omit the outfit change, I should be able to fit the rest with only a little bit of stuffing and squishing.


In addition to my fancy new purse, the Frank family also came home with Red Baby and Blue Baby. Red Baby is a plastic action figure from the UglyDoll line. Blue Baby is a stuffed entity from the same origin. Red Baby and Blue Baby are Jude’s new favorite toys. He takes Red Baby everywhere with him and sleeps with both Red and Blue. I really like this line of toys, but at $8/$20 each, I don’t think we’ll go on a collecting spree just yet.


This was one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had. There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending quality time with my family…time that I don’t need to be cooking or cleaning or worrying about something or another. I wish I could somehow win the lottery (or discover a rich, ailing uncle who needs *someone* to will all his billions and billions of dollars to) so that everyday could be like Friday (minus the Astro Boy disappointment).

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Acquisitions

  1. Erin says:

    Happy birthday!

    I felt the same way about The Brothers Grimm

  2. Jillian Frank says:

    Erin-I totally agree. The Brothers Grimm was bug-filled and horrible.

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