Napless in Chicago

This has been a very, very trying week for me for a number of reasons. First, I’m a bit sick. Started off as a sore throat, then moved on to laryngitis, and now I have a bit of congestion. It’s not a horrible bout of sickness, but I still feel kind of run down.

Second, Jude has been a bit grumpy this week. My boy is all about asserting his independence, and jebuschristalmighty, we just haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye much.

Third, I think the boy is giving up the one hour-long nap he takes(ed) each day. Overall this isn’t horrible, but I had no warning. So, on Wednesday, after two really rough days, I was so looking forward to an hour of reading/writing/putzin’ around on the internetz, but Jude just Would. Not. Sleep. Same thing on Thursday. I thought Wednesday refusal to nap was a fluke, but oh no. It was not. Same thing happened. I needed a break, but said break was withheld. At some point I texted Josh and told him I was going to off myself. He promptly came home. Thank Jebus.

(Yesterday was a little different. Jude napped for about an hour early in the morning, but that was quite possibly due to a vomiting episode that preceded the nap. Vomiting takes a lot out of you.)

So today we’re powering through. Josh and Jude played outside while I went to my PT appointment this morning. They came in for lunch, and now we’re planning out the rest of our day. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice (which is doubtful, sadly), we’re going to go to downtown Chicago to see the River get dyed green and watch the St. Patty’s Day Parade. If the weather is crappy… well, we’ll probably do a lot of painting and watch a bunch of movies.

Does anyone have any sage advice for transitioning from one nap to ZERO naps? I’m hoping to get Jude to lie in bed and watch a movie with me after lunch everyday so that he can at least rest a bit, but I’m worried that it’s not going to be enough. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Napless in Chicago

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  2. Louise says:

    Joy’s naps have been hit-or-miss ever since she started teething (at seven months, no less). Whether she sleeps or not, I still put her in bed for an hour or so every day (sometimes twice a day, depending on how tired we ALL are), and she’s allowed to get up and play if she wants, as long as she’s quiet. Too much noise means Mamma comes back upstairs and puts her back in bed. It’s not the same as getting that hour or two of sleep in the middle of the day, but it keeps me sane and her at least a little happier. Sorry I can’t be more help!

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