Possibly a Disastrous Idea

Back when I thought Jude was giving up his one daily nap, I started thinking about what I could do to fill those extra “awake” hours. Jude usually naps around mid-day, for anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. (Rarely do we get a 2-hour nap these days. *sigh*) Sometimes we do lunch before he goes down; sometimes I throw something together as soon as he gets up. Our days are fairly fluid, and I like that.

Anyway. At some point I had the thought (“Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.”) that it might be nice to do a picnic lunch with Jude a few times a week. We live right next to a park with a fair number of trees and shade, so we could easily find some empty space to spread out a blanket and plop ourselves down. I had grand ideas of buying a real picnic basket and filling it with yummy foods and snacks and a red and white checkered blanket. Maybe a few books, too.

Since Jude is once again napping (thankyouJesusChristAlmighty), this picnic idea has moved from the “ways to keep myself sane” column to the “fun things to do with Jude just for the hell of it” column on my list of daily activities. However, now I’m a bit stumped as to what to actually take on a picnic lunch. ALTs seem a little too messy; quesadillas and burritos would likely be cold by the time we got around to eating them; and I don’t know if Jude would eat a cold pasta dish. Hmmm. Also, I’m wondering if the boy will even bother to eat if we’re outside. He may forego it in favor or running around all crazy like. Am I nuts to even attempt this (without backup)?

So, assuming I give my picnic idea a go, do any of you have any tried and true picnic lunch ideas you can pass along to me? Have you ever picnicked with a toddler? What were the results? HALP!

3 thoughts on “Possibly a Disastrous Idea

  1. Anita says:

    I have done this with Isa before Elie was born, and I have done it with both girls recently too. The key is to be flexible and include lots of meal/snack options. We had sandwiches, which Isa picked apart. She likes turkey, likes bacon, loves tomatoes and loves bread, but for some reason doesn’t like them all together. We had dried fruit, avocados, nuts, granola bars and a few other baby friendly snacks too (bananas, Cheerios, etc). We had a schedule, and Isa was forewarned. First, swings (her fav, hands down) then after 15 minutes we eat. After eating, we play some more and then walk/run until it’s time to go home. It went really well, and we all really liked eating outside.

  2. Jillian Frank says:

    Good thoughts, Anita! Maybe we we could try it w/all three kids together one of these days?

  3. Anita says:

    I’d be up for it. It’s beautiful outside!

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