In return for a really wonderful day with Jude yesterday, today the universe gifted me melt down after melt down from an overtired young man.

One might say that Jude woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The truth is that after a super long and busy day yesterday, the boy woke up much too early for his (and my) own good. I’m talking 6:15am, folks. And that was after an 8 o’clock bedtime. And barely a nap the day before. *sigh* Josh and I were super beat and were planning on capitalizing on Jude’s nap time today (read: family nap), but instead, Jude decided to crash while we drove (in a borrowed car) to JC Penny to exchange some gifts Josh’s mom recently sent. Family Nap = FAIL.

After we got home and ate lunch, we headed out with some friends to Lazarus Playlot. There, Jude suffered a handful of bumps and bruises; each resulted in much dramatic crying and whining. During dinner, Jude zoned out watching a couple of episodes of the Fantastic Four, but that didn’t stop him from resisting bedtime.

Whaddya say we just call this day done?