Beach Time

Josh, Jude, and I have been spending a decent amount of time at the beach lately. Yesterday, after having read an interesting article on the ingredients in conventional sun screen, I picked up two different containers of safe sunscreen: California Baby Sunblock Stick and  Badger All Natural Sunscreen. Both have been giving a “1” rating (Low hazard) by the Environmental Working Group. Additionally, we purchased two new, long-sleeved rash guards (SPF 50 rating) for Jude and a short-sleeved one for Josh. I rarely go in the water past my waist, so I’ll simply wear a light weight tee-shirt and our safe sunblock for the time being.

Jude has been swimming in the lake for more than two months now. Yes, that means he has been swimming since May. We only had a few hot days in May, so you can imagine what the water temperature was like. It was cold. In case that point wasn’t clear. Still, my boy was full-on swimming in that freezing cold lake. He’s a little nuts-obviously. Since last summer, Jude has gotten even more comfortable in the water. It used to take him a few minutes to warm up to the idea of swimming, now he takes off his shoes at the beginning of the beach and runs, without pause, directly into the water. Sometimes Josh and I are able to keep up. And other times… well, not so much. Jude loves jumping over and kicking the waves. He likes it when Josh helps him practice swimming and loves to make sure I’m watching when he does it all by himself. Jude has also been doing a lot more playing on the beach than he has in years past. He doesn’t even necessarily need a pail and a shovel. Sometimes he just looks for Pokemon to battle and catch; sometimes he pretends to be a Pokemon. This afternoon he lied on his stomach and dug with his hands.

I’m thrilled that Josh is able to shuffle his work schedule around a bit to join us most times when we venture east to the lake. Jude loves having a proficient swimmer to play with in the water, and I love not having to submerge myself in the lake’s icy depths. And although I could barely stand the heat and humidity that Chicago experienced today, I’m also really grateful for all the family time this nice weather has afforded us. Winter-Stay away!