The thing about being bed-ridden is that it doesn’t make for good blog-writing fodder. So here we are.

Good news! Today I was able to assemble and cook a quesadilla for Jude. That means I was on my feet for a solid… 7-10 minute. Progress, people. Progress.

Bad news! I had gotten word about a PT clinic that operates on a sliding scale for payment. Unfortunately, I live outside the area the clinic makes that option available to.

Good news! The chiropractic adjustment that I got yesterday seems to have done something good. Bonus good news! I have another appointment in the morning.

I’ve really felt disconnected from Jude since this flare-up began. Ramona and I spend our days together on the bed, but that’s just not interesting or exciting enough for a nearly 5-year-old kid. So, Jude has been fending for himself–playing his DSi, watching videos, building, pretending, etc. We’ve had a number of friends come by at various times to take him out to the park or story time or t-ball or soccer. That’s been especially rough for me. I’m missing out on a ton of stuff, and I’m sick of it. Jude also seems to be having a tough time being without Josh or me. Today he told me that he needs to have his parents at t-ball or he’ll cry. So, my goal is to get him to t-ball myself next week. I don’t know what will happen with soccer tomorrow. Maybe he’ll skip it, or maybe I’ll be scrambling to find someone to take him when he (inevitably) changes his mind at the last minute and decides he wants to go.

I’m really hopefully that I’m on the mend, though I hesitate to write that out loud. Keep the good thoughts coming, if you don’t mind. Jude’s next t-ball practice is just around the corner.