We’re having a hot, hot summer here in Chicago. I think it’s the hottest one I’ve experienced since we moved here in ’08. I’ve never really had the experience of needing to stay indoors (hugging the air conditioner) to beat the heat, but for most of last week, the kids and I did just that.

On top of the hot, hot, temperatures outside, we’ve been dealing with an internal heat-up in our home as well. A few days ago Ramona came down with a fever. It’s weird just how much she’s like Jude in how her body reacts to illness. Early in the day she felt warm, but it wasn’t enough of a difference from her normal temperature to really alert me to the fact that her body was gearing up to fight off some nasties. By the afternoon, she was hot. That almost unnoticeable warm-up is Jude’s MO, too. I remember one of the last times he got sick. We were at the library in Evanston. He had had a bit of a runny nose that morning, but it wasn’t anything major. Not long after arriving at the library, he said he was tired. I felt his head, and he was a little warmer than normal. Knowing that it would take some time to complete the trip, I decided to start us on the trek back home. Riding the train about twenty minutes later, Jude had a full-blown fever.

Since Wednesday, Ramona’s temperature has gone up and down-getting better during day time hours and worse in the evenings and over night. Josh and I have seen this up and down pattern in Jude for the last five years, so the nervousness I felt at Ramona being sick was tempered by the knowledge that, for my kids, what was happening was normal.

But! Normal or not normal, I still worry, at least a bit. I was grateful that a good friend who had just gone through the same sort of illness with her littlest one was there to be a sounding board for me. Verbalizing that yes, Ramona was nursing/eating/peeing normally and that she was engaging and chipper and not in the slightest bit lethargic really helped to ease my mind. Add to that the reminders of homeopathic remedies and other holisic treatments, and we got though this bout of illness with little fanfare.

I’m looking forward to going to sleep tonight. No doubt the girl will wake up a dozen times for one reason (a boob) or another (the other boob), but at least I shouldn’t have to deal with a hot, hot babe who refuses to sleep anywhere but directly on top of me. (Which, truth be told, I LOVED. However, it got really uncomfortable really quickly.)