Letter to Ramona: Month 12

Dear Ramona,

At 12:08am on July 19th (2012), you turned 1 year old. I remember your birth vividly. In the moment, I could not recognize your birth for what it was–a healing experience. Today… well, today I am grateful for you.

The day you turned 9 months old you took your first steps. Almost exactly a month later (on Jude’s 5th birthday), you decided to make walking your primary mode of transportation. Between then and now you’ve learned to step over things and climb up onto things you shouldn’t; you’ve also started (kind of) running away from me when I try to stop you from getting into whatever you shouldn’t be getting into.

Our trips to the park are tiring, but fun. You walk around to different parts of the play structure while I follow behind you, doing my best to stop you from going head-first off one of drop offs. You like to rub your hands in the wood chips and dirt. Happily, you’ve (mostly) stopped trying to eat the wood chips/grass/sticks you find lying around. Even so, I rarely take my eyes off of you. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! some might say.

On your eleven-month birthday, we put you into the lake for the first time. It came as no surprise that you loved being in the water, sitting in the very shallow parts and standing in the less very shallow parts. I’m looking forward to watching you learn to navigate the water; I know you’ll be incredible.

For the past few months, your overnight sleep habits have left much to be desired. I swear that you wake up at least a dozen times most nights. You’re never up for long, but gods help me, it makes for some really rough days. On more than one occasion, I’ve woken up (after being bopped in the head) to see you sitting next to me, staring, and signing “milk” at me. You’re a girl who knows what she wants. I suppose the upside to these longs nights is that you’ve been taking some really good naps lately, but honestly, I’d rather you sleep at a time when *I’m* able to sleep as well.

So, now we move on to month number thirteen… year number two. Watching you grow up is amazing and fun, Ramona. You are, most definitely, your brother’s sister, but you are also so very different… so very unique. I have no idea what tomorrow is going to look like for us, but I’m really looking forward to experiencing it with you.