Ramona recently turned two. Not long before that, Jude turned six. Josh is in his mid-thirties now, and I’m approaching my thirty-second birthday. I am tired.

This blog has sat here, untouched and collecting dust, for just about a year. I often think about putting fingers to keyboard and getting down on paper (?) all that has or hasn’t happened in a given moment, but I don’t. Well, I haven’t. Instead I’ve watched fabulous and terrible TV, read amazing books, drunk whiskey, napped. I’ve cooked and cleaned (not really), played and painted, sang and danced. But still. This is important.

Ramona is two and incredible. You don’t know that (unless you know us in *gasp!* real life) since I haven’t written much at all about her. She is a whirlwind of fun and crazy. Often times, when she wakes up in the morning, she sits straight up and looks at me, finger waving in the air, saying (in her precious toddler speak, of course), “I have a hypothesis!” At the playground, she can almost keep up with Jude. She climbs and swing and jumps and crashes and runs and makes me tired. She loves to read and draw and watch Dinosaur Train. She likes to sing and practice her ballet walk and plies alongside Jude. She makes me crazy and fills my heart all at the same time. It’s a lot of feel.

Jude is six and amazing. I have never met a kid quite like him. Over the past year he has taken up ballet and Minecraft and rock climbing. He loves Pokemon (still) and all things LEGO. He climbs trees in the playground and swims, hard, in the lake. The boy is sweet and compassionate and outgoing and energetic. He, too, makes me tired. Are you noticing a pattern yet?

We have cultivated so many amazing friendships over the past two years. Those friendships, too, occupy much of our time. Our lives often seem like one long stretch of playdates and sleepovers (for the kids), and whiskey/beer/wine drinking and darts playing (for the adults). It feels amazing to love and be loved by these people we call family. I never expected to be forging such strong friendships at this point in my life, but these people… I just can’t get enough of them.

And now it is late, and I am tired and unable to craft an elegant ending to this post. I hope that this is the beginning of more regular posting. I miss this place.

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  1. Jillian Frank says:

    Erin! You’re still reading this?! Bless you.

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