A Typical Wednesday

~This is a post I wrote in February of this year but never published. I reread it last night and quite liked it, so I’m going to go ahead and publish it now. Cheers!~


When people find out that we’re Unschoolers, they often ask me what our days look like. Explaining that most days are relatively low-key and that we don’t “do school” puts me on the receiving end of confused faces, raised eyebrows, and, often times, an audible scoff. As we went about our lives today, I tried to make mental notes of all the things we did so I could write about them. Please know that today was a typical Wednesday for us.

Josh woke up early to go into the studio, so by the time Jude woke up, he was already gone. Ramona slept in until 7:30, and when she and I came out of our bedroom, I saw that ┬áJude had settled himself in at his iMac and was watching, well honestly, I’m not sure-a cartoon of some sort, and building with LEGOs. We were already running late, so after a kiss good morning, I grabbed a snack for Ramona, put her in her booster seat, and invited Jude to put something on the tv for her and him to watch while I ate my breakfast and started getting ready for the day.

After getting myself ready, I moved on to getting the littlest one changed and dressed, and Jude got himself dressed and brushed his teeth. We took a little time out from getting ready because Ramona wanted to brush my hair. Once she had her fill, we put on coats and boots and hats and gloves and headed to The Common Cup to meet our neighborhood artist friends for coffee and breakfast.

At the Common Cup, Jude and Ramona got breakfast, and I got a lovely cup of coffee. We were the first of our group to arrive, so we settled into our table in the back room and took a few minutes to say hello to the owners and the other regulars. By the time Steve arrived, Jude was finished with his breakfast, and having decided that he wanted to paint, he quickly brought out his art kit (a gift from Meltem, aka, the Turkish Tornado-another artist and Jude’s favorite gal) and pad of paper. Instead of using the watercolor bricks, Jude decided he wanted to use the liquid watercolors. Steve, being an artist, was able to show Jude how to soften the paint brushes with water and mix water with the pigment to use for his painting. After painting, Jude grabbed Uno from the Bag of Fun and we played three games, back-to-back-to-back (2-1, in his favor). Jude was just about to start another game with our good friend Eleanor when another friend, Ursula, showed up with her mom. After a thorough and heartfelt hello, the kids grabbed their own table and played a game or two of Uno. While that was going on, Ramona and I played with stickers. She can peel them off the page on her own now, a new skill as of today. After a while, she moved on to coloring, and finally onto playing with Play-doh. Jude joined in on the Play-doh fun after his impromptu playdate with U came to an end. Finally, breakfast was over, so we headed to the store, picked out food for lunch, and trucked home where Ramona promptly passed out.

Jude spent Ramona’s nap time unwinding watching Dinosaur King. I napped, on and off, alongside the girl. When she woke up I quickly made lunch, and we sat down to enjoy some DK together.

Having eaten lunch late (normal for us, but late as far as lunch time normally goes), I spend the time between lunch and dinner doing dishes, tidying up, cooking, playing with the kids, and getting snacks for them. Jude and Ramona played together with foam swords and various instruments, and they spent some time in a large box coloring. When 5:15 rolled around and Josh walked in the door, everyone breathed a sigh of relief as now there were all hands on deck. I finished up cooking dinner while Jude watched a show or two on his computer and played with his LEGOs and Ramona and Josh played around along side me in the kitchen.

Our dinner guests started showing up right at 6, and by 6:25 we had all assembled. Dinner was bookended by playing with every toy we own and a movie about fairies. When our friends left at a little past 8, Josh and Jude set up to have a Pokemon card battle, and Ramona promptly passed out in bed.

All that bring me to now. Jude just headed into our bed (because he likes to be close to Ramona), and in doing so woke Ramona up, so Josh is in there as well getting her settled back down. I’m on the couch, wondering whether or not I should have another glass of wine and happily reminiscing about the day’s activities. I love spending my days with the kids; I love playing with them and cooking with them and napping with them and watching cartoons with them. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not made aware of yet another thing Jude has learned or has become interested in or that Ramona is growing, both physically and cognitively, in leaps and bounds. I am grateful for this time with them.