Oh, my. What a day.

It started out fairly well with an early morning text from a good friend offering to take me shopping at our new local Trader Joe’s. Sure I went out sans breakfast and coffee, but it was ok, because, free samples. Amiright?

And then, the text message from my husband asking me to call him. Then the phone call that relayed the news that Jude’s new bike had been stolen from our lobby (Josh’s had been stolen, too). Finally, exhaustion and tears as my friend and I made our way back home, where I knew we’d have to break the bad news to the boy.

Jude was sad. And mad. He slammed his bedroom door and painted a picture of his missing bike. When the police came to take Josh’s report, Jude went along. We talked about replacing his bike soon if it isn’t recovered. I hope it is, but I know that, realistically, it won’t be.

We are lucky that we are in a position to replace Jude’s bike. Money is available, though it will need to be shifted and reallocated and some things we were planning on doing soon will need to be off until a bit later. Still, we’re lucky we have the means to fix this.

After the police came and went, we spent the rest of the day in a haze. We attended a friend’s birthday party at the park, and played for a long while once (nearly) everyone else had gone. We didn’t manage to have lunch and dinner, but did manage to consume “lupper.” Since we were out of coffee, and yet so desperate for its effects, I ran out to get a bag of beans and came home with two to-go cups of coffee, as well. Ramona didn’t nap today, but was asleep by 8. Josh and Jude finished The Empire Strikes Back, and I ran and took care of some blog maintenance. And now, because I am exhausted both physically and emotionally, I am going to eat some chocolate ice cream, watch bad television, and go to bed. Tomorrow will be better.