Cabin Fever

Two days ago, I snapped.

This winter has been the coldest, snowiest, and most miserable winter of my 32 years on this planet. Chicago has had more days with a high temperature BELOW ZERO than I’d care to count. The kids and I have been home (mostly) and dealing (mostly) all winter. We’ve read books and watched movies, played LEGOs and built forts. We’ve swung on our indoor swing and jumped on our trampoline. We’ve had dance parties. We’ve napped. We’ve painted pictures, played (Don’t) Burp (Break) the Ice, mined in underwater caves in Minecraft, visited museums, and had coffee dates with our artist friends… but it’s just not enough.

I’m finally complaining. I haven’t all winter, but now it’s time. I want warm weather and I want sun. I want to be able to take the kids outside without spending 45 minutes bundling them in numerous layers. We need to run and jump and swing and dig OUTSIDE. I long for extended periods of breathing in fresh air and playing in the grass near the lake. The kids long to add to their stick and rock collections and to climb trees and try to catch butterflies. I miss running into neighborhood friends while out walking around or playing at the playground. I miss dirt under the kids’ and my fingernails. I miss running outside.

I have resigned myself to the fact that we probably have at least another solid month of cold, miserable weather ahead of us. Truthfully, at the rate we’re going, we’ll be lucky if the snow has melted by May. And so, I’m looking for ways to break up the monotomy. ¬†Tomorrow morning, we’re going to the Nature Museum, but that’s all I’ve got right now. If you’ve got suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

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  1. MAC says:

    I love you, Jillian Frank.

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