Napless in Chicago

Today marked two weeks of Ramona not napping. I. Am. Exhausted.

During the past two months or so, the girl had been fighting her mid-day nap tooth and nail. Then, THEN, she would fight sleep for an hour (sometimes an hour and a half) at night. Ramona not falling asleep until 9:30pm meant me not going to bed until *at least* 11pm, and that just wasn’t sustainable. So, Josh and I decided to see how the wildling would do sans nap. The result? Besides me being fucking tired all time time, you mean? Well, amazingly, it worked. Ramona can make it through the day (most days) without napping (unless we’re traveling in a car-in that case, all bets are off), and only gets extra cranky starting around 6pm.¬†However, she’s also noticeably tired, which is something she hadn’t been for a long time. Bedtime takes, at most, 20 minutes, but usually it’s closer to 10 or 15. For Josh and me, this means we’re getting to bed at a (slightly) more reasonable hour, even while feeding my Doctor Who addiction.

But! Even with that extra hour (or two) of sleep, I’m still finding it hard to make it through the day with any bit of energy. I imagine that I’ll fare better once we can get outside and experience, first-hand, sun! and fresh air! and warmth! Right now, I rely on Jude, who is amazing and wonderful and caring, to play with Ramona for 25 minutes (timer set) after lunch time so that I can close my eyes and recharge. Sometimes, Ramona will come and sit on the bed next to me and play, quietly, while I rest. On those days, when my alarm goes off, I tend to find myself surrounded by every toy the child owns and a “nest” of her making. On the days when she doesn’t play alongside my napping person, I’ll often emerge from the bedroom to find the girl and the boy snuggled up on the couch watching Kipper or Franny’s Feet. And on other days, well, on other days it just doesn’t work. The kids need me, or they need something that only I can get for them. On those days, I get up and be with them, on the couch or in the playroom, and try to relax while still engaging with them. Those days are hard. But still,¬†I feel incredibly lucky to be partnering with these kids to make sure all of our needs are met. All of us need downtime during the day. For me, it’s a few minutes in a horizontal position with my eyes closed. For the kids, it’s a show on Netflix or a few books whist piled on the big bed–or it’s time with me, one-on-one if they can get it, but if not, all of us together will suffice.

So, that’s life in our home these days. Lots of awake time for all of us and lots of good, restful sleep for most of us some of the time. Hopefully we’ll all make it through until the weather becomes reasonable, and then, in our happy delirium, sleep won’t seem so important anymore.

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