A Collection of Thoughts

Over the past few days, I’ve had the urge to write, but haven’t had the time. This evening, I have the time but not much focus. So, instead of a cohesive story, I offer you some snippets and a glance into a few different aspects of our lives.

On laughter:

Work has been tough for Josh, lately. Recent weeks have seen a good deal of late nights and a fair amount of stress. Tonight, while browsing Pinterest, I saw that a friend had pinned a link to an Etsy shop that sells mugs that say, “If¬†Britney Spears can get through 2007, you can get through today.” I read it out loud to Josh, and he broke out in the biggest belly laugh I have heard come from his mouth in a good long while. That made my night.

On reading:

Jude! He’s getting so close. Over the past fews weeks he has taken a real interest in letters and words and books. While shopping for a birthday gift for his BFF at Barnes and Noble near the end of last month, he asked to pick out a new book. He chose a book called The Familiars,¬†and he’s been super excited to sit down with Josh or me, daily, to read. Just tonight he started talking about how he needed to get the next book in the series, since we’re so close to finishing the first installment.

On visitors:

My mom comes to visit in just 18 days! The household is abuzz with excitement. I’m thrilled because this will be the first time I have my shit together when my mom visits. (Aside: Dear Murphy, please do not visit between now and May 6th. Kthxbai.) And! As if it wasn’t thrilling enough that I get to see my mom for the first time in a year, Josh and I are also going to GO OUT ON A DATE. To a concert, yo! Just like we did when we were young. One of my all time favorite bands, The Slackers, just happen to be playing in the city the same weekend my mom comes. I haven’t seen them play since I was really pregnant (read: practically crowning) with Jude. That’s almost seven years to the day, for those of you who are counting.

On Game of Thrones:

Two thoughts. First, in regard to last Sunday’s episode: Thank the gods! I’ve been waiting for that moment since I finished book three. Second, I think Ramona might be somehow related to Tyrion. She’s such a little imp.

On Imps:

That girl of mine. She just doesn’t stop. She a no-napping; climbing and jumping; talk, talk, talking; dancing; spinning; snuggling; plotting; whirlwind of fun. And she makes me tired.

On booze.

I drink Jameson. Send lots.

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