Sick Days

Often, when I’m having a string of tiring or trying days, or when I feel a bit under the weather, I half-joke about how I’m not allow to get sick. I’ll go on and on about how my works never ends and how I never get a day off.

Then, days like Wednesdays happen, and I am reminded that I am surrounded by a family that cares for each other. Of course, when Jude or Ramona are sick, Josh and I work together to keep them comfortable and help them get well. When Josh is sick, he likes to be left alone, so I keep the kids occupied and get him water, food, and medicine as needed. And then, when I get sick, as I was on Wednesday, and as I have been in the past, Josh takes off work to let me rest. Jude helps as he can, playing with Ramona, getting water for me, and being incredibly sweet. Ramona does her part by being cute and spending time with me while I’m stuck in bed. I’m not alone, and the pity-parties I’ve had for myself in the past are uncalled for. I’m extremely lucky to have the family I have, and I’m going to do better about remembering that.