Party Time

Jude loves a good party. Whether it’s a birthday party (his or someone else’s), a Christmas party, a Mardi Gras party, or just a really nice brunch with friends, Jude. Is. Down. Almost immediately after his birthday last year, he told me that *next* year he wanted a Skylanders birthday party. I told him it was just a touch early to start planning the following year’s party. I really thought he’d change his mind. He has not.

So, with almost exactly three months to go until the big day, I’m starting to plan this birthday party. I’m scouring Pinterest, and trying to pay more attention to the details of the game while Jude and I play. I don’t know if I’m up to this challenge. His Minecraft party two years ago really stretched my abilities, and in that case, we were working with cubes. This year I’m looking at making fondant cupcake toppers, decorative vines to hang around the place, and a Kaos pinata. And more!

I think my plan is going to be to buy a notebook (paper!) and start trying to make lists of activities/decorations/food and their corresponding shopping list, and then just dive right in. This year, we may go ahead and rent some space to hold the party, instead of having it outside like we normally do. (And all the party-goers rejoice! They won’t have to spend three hours near the beach in the cold and wind this year!) Give than I have three months to work on it, I *should* be able to get it all done.