Nailed It

Yesterday, Josh borrowed our wonderful neighbor’s car and drove to our local hardware store to rent a carpet cleaner. On his way out the door, I asked him to pick up some scrap wood and nails for Jude to play around with.  Jude is always eager to help Josh with whatever home project Josh has undertaken, so I figured this would be right up his alley.

I was right! Hooray!

After lunch, I gave Jude the rundown of what Josh had picked up at the store. We quickly talked about holding the hammer and how to start the nail before going to town with the hammering, and then he was off. His favorite bit seemed to be using the back side of the hammer to remove partially-hammered-in nails. It was magical for him, and it was magical for me to watch him.

Before leaving to do some work at a local coffee shop, Josh suggested that Jude might want to place the nails in a pattern and then string some  yarn around the mostly, but not completely, hammered in nails. Jude though that sounded like a neat idea and decided that he wanted to draw the shape of a trident and use it as a decoration for his upcoming (*non-Skylanders*) birthday party. I’m excited to see how it turns out!