Wheel class was pretty awesome (and terrifying) today. Jude is continually making progress and becoming more confident while also learning more complicated elements and making my heart jump into my throat. So.

Today, for the first time, Jude was able to rock himself up and over the top of the wheel without any assistance or spotting. It was really awesome. I turned my head just in time to see him do it. I was really grateful to have witnessed it, and he was thrilled to have accomplished something he had been working on for quite some time. Excited at what he had just done, he moved his wheel back to the far end of the gym and attempted to do it again.

Finally, he was on his way up and over for a second time, when he seemed to realize (as did I), that he had gotten himself a bit too close to the bleachers, but there was no stopping the trick at that point. Jude’s wheel slammed into the bleachers as he was on his way down, and he fell (though not from too high up), and landed kind of on his side. Then the wheel started to fall. Thankfully, one of his coaches has the reflexes of a ninja, and was close enough to be able to get over to Jude and catch the wheel just, JUST before it came down on his head and back. I swear, I didn’t know who to hug first. (Jude, of course, but then, Marvin.) It was scary as hell, and though he was shaken up, Jude walked away from it mainly unharmed. And-he was able to pull himself together and calm down enough to try some other crazy-ass stunts before the end of class. Awesome.