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Today was better; not pain-wise, but parenting-wise in the least.

This morning, after a long, drawn-out breakfast of raw, keifer-soaked oatmeal, Jude and I walked a few blocks east and south to Lazarus Playlot. There we played with old and new friends, spun ’round and ’round on the tire swing, and jumped, Spiderman style, from very high platforms. Well, Jude did.

After a lunch of homemade pizza, we hopped on a red line train (forgoing a nap) and headed south to visit our friends Helen and Annabel* in Lincoln Park. From their house we walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo and rode the carousel. After that, we hopped on the 151 and traveled into downtown Chicago to pick up our friends’ CSA share. We played at Grant Park and had tea at Chipotle.

The train ride home was super packed. There were no empty seats, and my boy was tired. I picked him up and held him as I leaned waaay back and steadied us using one of the grip poles. No one offered us a seat, not even minutes later when Jude had fallen asleep leaving me to balance myself and his 40-pound/felt like 100-pound body. Eventually the train cleared a bit and I was able to sit down and just hold my sleeping boy. I even made it off the train and down half a flight of stairs at the station before he woke up.

Jude and I meandered home; alternating walking alongside one another and me carrying him. He ate dinner with his Papa and then Josh and I both ushered him off to an early-ish bedtime.

I sure do hope he sleep in tomorrow.

*Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us, Helen. It’s always a joy to spend time with you and A.

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A Good Deal

I LOVE taking advantage of good deals at the local market. Last night, a friend updated her Facebook status to say that organic strawberries were on sale at the local market for 99 cents/pound. I hurriedly told Josh to throw on some shoes and head out but then realized is was three minutes to closing time, and our purchase would have to wait for the morning.

So, morning came. Jude woke up at 6:40am, and I rolled out of bed about an hour later. After assembling a train track and playing with the boy for a bit, I got dressed, and Jude and I headed to the market to see what we could find.

When we arrived, one of the stock boys was restocking the strawberries. We took our time and checked each package and finally settled on ten containers to purchase. Jude then picked out an orange for himself and a 76% dark chocolate bar for Papa.

I cut up one container of the strawberries for us to use today. The rest will be washed, cut, and frozen for use in our near daily consumption of green smoothies.* On a related note, I recently scored a bunch of organic bananas at the same market for 25 cents/pound. My freezer is overflowing.

Who wants a smoothie?

*Despite the shelving disaster of October 2nd that left me blender-less, and thanks to the generosity of our good friends Alan, Sara, and Baby Grace, we are able to continue feeding our smoothie addiction with the help of our brand new Oster blender. Thanks, guys!

One Less Excuse

For blogging sporadically, that is. Yesterday, a neighbor-friend who works at the Apple store, gifted me a power cord for my laptop. If he didn’t have a girlfriend, I would have tongue-kissed him. Josh might have, too.

Chicago has had a ton of wet, dreary days lately. The sun finally made an appearance yesterday, but is only slated to stick around through today before it retreats behind the clouds to make way for MORE RAIN tomorrow. *sigh* At least we’ll have a good excuse to take Jude to see Toy Story 3.

For Fathers’ Day, Jude and I registered Josh to participate in the 17th Annual Artists of the Wall Festival at Loyola Park. Josh will get to design and paint a section of bench, and that painting will stay up for a year–until next year’s festival. Jude and I have a few more tricks up our sleeves for the best Papa in the world; check back early next week for a full account of the celebration!

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