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Wheel class was pretty awesome (and terrifying) today. Jude is continually making progress and becoming more confident while also learning more complicated elements and making my heart jump into my throat. So.

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Nailed It

Yesterday, Josh borrowed our wonderful neighbor’s car and drove to our local hardware store to rent a carpet cleaner. On his way out the door, I asked him to pick up some scrap wood and nails for Jude to play around with.  Jude is always eager to help Josh with whatever home project Josh has undertaken, so I figured this would be right up his alley.

I was right! Hooray!

After lunch, I gave Jude the rundown of what Josh had picked up at the store. We quickly talked about holding the hammer and how to start the nail before going to town with the hammering, and then he was off. His favorite bit seemed to be using the back side of the hammer to remove partially-hammered-in nails. It was magical for him, and it was magical for me to watch him.

Before leaving to do some work at a local coffee shop, Josh suggested that Jude might want to place the nails in a pattern and then string some  yarn around the mostly, but not completely, hammered in nails. Jude though that sounded like a neat idea and decided that he wanted to draw the shape of a trident and use it as a decoration for his upcoming (*non-Skylanders*) birthday party. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

A Collection of Thoughts

Over the past few days, I’ve had the urge to write, but haven’t had the time. This evening, I have the time but not much focus. So, instead of a cohesive story, I offer you some snippets and a glance into a few different aspects of our lives.

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Oh, my. What a day.

It started out fairly well with an early morning text from a good friend offering to take me shopping at our new local Trader Joe’s. Sure I went out sans breakfast and coffee, but it was ok, because, free samples. Amiright?

And then, the text message from my husband asking me to call him. Then the phone call that relayed the news that Jude’s new bike had been stolen from our lobby (Josh’s had been stolen, too). Finally, exhaustion and tears as my friend and I made our way back home, where I knew we’d have to break the bad news to the boy.

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The Usual

Me: “Jude! Come here!”

Jude: “I’m watching a show!”

Me: “But I want to tell you I love you!”

Jude: “I already know that!”



Ramona recently turned two. Not long before that, Jude turned six. Josh is in his mid-thirties now, and I’m approaching my thirty-second birthday. I am tired.

This blog has sat here, untouched and collecting dust, for just about a year. I often think about putting fingers to keyboard and getting down on paper (?) all that has or hasn’t happened in a given moment, but I don’t. Well, I haven’t. Instead I’ve watched fabulous and terrible TV, read amazing books, drunk whiskey, napped. I’ve cooked and cleaned (not really), played and painted, sang and danced. But still. This is important.

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A Green Thumb

Like most kids, Jude loves dirt. And bugs. Since the beginning of Spring, he has been asking to plant seeds, to water plants, to pick flowers. The best I could do for him here at home was to help him transfer some basil plants from their little starter boxes to our window boxes. I’ve got a brown, brown thumb. They were dead within days.

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Originally, while mentally drafting this post in my mind, I called it “A String of Profanity.” At the time, I could not compose a sentence that didn’t have “fuck,” “shit,” or “mother fucking” in it. I’ve moved past the foul language, though I still want to run outside and scream nonsense into the Chicago sky.

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The thing about being bed-ridden is that it doesn’t make for good blog-writing fodder. So here we are.

Good news! Today I was able to assemble and cook a quesadilla for Jude. That means I was on my feet for a solid… 7-10 minute. Progress, people. Progress.

Bad news! I had gotten word about a PT clinic that operates on a sliding scale for payment. Unfortunately, I live outside the area the clinic makes that option available to.

Good news! The chiropractic adjustment that I got yesterday seems to have done something good. Bonus good news! I have another appointment in the morning.

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Beach Time

Josh, Jude, and I have been spending a decent amount of time at the beach lately. Yesterday, after having read an interesting article on the ingredients in conventional sun screen, I picked up two different containers of safe sunscreen: California Baby Sunblock Stick and  Badger All Natural Sunscreen. Both have been giving a “1” rating (Low hazard) by the Environmental Working Group. Additionally, we purchased two new, long-sleeved rash guards (SPF 50 rating) for Jude and a short-sleeved one for Josh. I rarely go in the water past my waist, so I’ll simply wear a light weight tee-shirt and our safe sunblock for the time being.

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