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Jam Packed

I love days like today. Days when we go from activity to activity, from play date to play date, from yummy meal to yummy meal.

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Bait and Switch

Wooo! That was quite the weekend.

This is the first year Jude has gone trick-or-treating. Last year marked his first time dressing us (Remy from Ratatouille), but this year we went all out.

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After Monday’s pumpkin patch fail and a failed attempt to procure a pumpkin from a local market yesterday afternoon, we finally brought home a pumpkin to carve yesterday evening. Jude was ready to dive right in; he desperately wanted to see what was inside the pumpkin, but alas, Josh had a meeting last night, so the carving had to wait another day.

On the table tonight were three very fun (if not hurried) events:

1. Dinner-homemade quesadillas (5-6pm)
2. Pumpkin carving/pumpkin seed roasting/popcorn popping (6-7pm)
3. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (7-7:30pm)

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There’s a place on Sheridan Road that sells pumpkins during the Halloween season and Christmas trees during… uhm, the Christmas season. Since Monday’s attempt to go to the pumpkin patch at a semi-local farm was such an epic FAIL, Josh and I took Jude over to the neighborhood make-shift patch this evening.

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I’m really not sure what to write about. There a about six different ideas for blog posts swirling around in my brain right now, but I can’t figure out where to start.

The simplest of the ideas is just to update you all (?) on life in general. So… life= pretty good. Jude came down with a fever yesterday afternoon, so we’ve been hanging around the house, putting puzzles together and watching movies, since then. Josh’s business is up and running, and I encourage you to drop him a line ( if you’re in need of any web/graphic design work.

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In return for a really wonderful day with Jude yesterday, today the universe gifted me melt down after melt down from an overtired young man.

One might say that Jude woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The truth is that after a super long and busy day yesterday, the boy woke up much too early for his (and my) own good. I’m talking 6:15am, folks. And that was after an 8 o’clock bedtime. And barely a nap the day before. *sigh* Josh and I were super beat and were planning on capitalizing on Jude’s nap time today (read: family nap), but instead, Jude decided to crash while we drove (in a borrowed car) to JC Penny to exchange some gifts Josh’s mom recently sent. Family Nap = FAIL.

After we got home and ate lunch, we headed out with some friends to Lazarus Playlot. There, Jude suffered a handful of bumps and bruises; each resulted in much dramatic crying and whining. During dinner, Jude zoned out watching a couple of episodes of the Fantastic Four, but that didn’t stop him from resisting bedtime.

Whaddya say we just call this day done?


I think I’ve said it before, but in case I haven’t, let me come clean with all of you:

I am a shitty, shitty parent when I am in pain. And, sadly, I’ve been a lot of pain as of late. Blerg.

You remember how I landed myself in the hospital earlier this year after (finally) having been diagnosed with two herniated discs? Well, I’m still hurting, and every day that I wake up and have to spend an hour in bed slowly moving from side to side and carefully stretching just so that I can move without seriously injuring myself again is a day that I start in a pissed off frame of mind.

Being pissed off is not conducive to gentle, present, parenting or consensual living. It’s very hard to center yourself and find your breath when jesusmotherfuckingchrist your back hurts and bending elicits shooting pain down throughout your lower back and don’t even think about sitting because after a whole five minutes of that you’ll need to get up and move or just give in to the pain and go have a lie down.

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What a Face

I love, love, LOVE waking up to this kid:

Can you blame me?

A Family of Mac Addicts

Well, it has finally happened. Jude has gotten bitten by the Mac bug. It started off innocently enough; we watched movies on my MacBook Pro in iTunes and Super Hero Squad in QuickTime Player. Soon, Jude was requesting he be allowed to “check his email,” and so we moved on to him typing in an empty document in TextEdit (it didn’t take long for him to learn how to make capital letters by holding down the “Shift” keys). And now, we’re on to different toddler-friendly gaming websites (well, some are educational, I guess). Jude has mastered the trackpad, can switch between tabs in whatever web browser he’s using, and has recently learned how to open iTunes and select a movie for his viewing pleasure. Sometimes, when I sit down to watch him play, he does things with our MacBook Pro that I can’t figure out how to undo. At that point, I call for Josh.

In the same vein, Jude learned how to manipulate an iPod Touch over this past week. Josh’s sister Makenzie was visiting, and she was kind enough to let Jude play with hers. He likes the drawing app she has on her Touch and likes to access her playlists and select a song to listen to. Honestly, the kid just gets it. Well, he gets it more than I do, at least.

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A Happy Start

I don’t what it’s like for you, but waking up to this kid and his smiles ensures a great start to most every day.