Theatre, Darling

Dear Rogers Park neighbors: Stop what you’re doing right now and go and get yourself a subscription to the 2013-2014 KidsSeries at Lifeline Theatre. Don’t walk. Run. Seriously.

This afternoon, Lifeline Theatre had an open house for the first show in their 2013-2014 KidsSeries lineup, Click, Clack, Boo! Jude and I have been to a few of these open houses in the past, and they’re always a ton of fun. Today we got a sneak peak of the show, and, wow. Really. WOW. I am always impressed by the productions put on by Lifeline, but today, I was blown away. The acting, even just two weeks into rehearsals, was top notch, and the music? The music was awesome. Catchy and fun and funny. Jude was literally on the edge of his seat listening and watching.

After seeing a bit of the show, the Education Director at Lifeline (Lea Pinsky) came out to talk to the kids and get them started on some really neat Halloween crafts. Jude usually isn’t a crafty kid, but he really, really enjoyed making the ghost puppet and jack-o-lantern mask Lea had planned out for them. While that was going on, the adults chatted or took a tour of the theatre. At the end of the program, I did the only thing I could after having been wowed and awed and amazed: I walked my butt up to the ticket counter and paid for two subscriptions for the season.

Please, neighbors, take my advice–get a subscription for everyone in your family. We’ve seen every show in the KidsSeries since 2010, and we have not yet been disappointed. You won’t be either. Promise.



I made the promise to myself (as well and Josh and the kids) that this year would be the year I suck it up, get some museum memberships, and take the kids on a regular basis. Doing this will be no small feat-we don’t have a car, and the closest museum we have interest in is the Nature Museum, and that takes at least half an hour, if not 45 minutes to get to via public transit. Let’s just say that an hour or more of travel time makes for a very long outing. So, getting to these museums is the first obstacle. The second is the age gap between Jude and Ramona. Jude is six. He’s definitely at the point where he wants to take his time and look at things and ask questions. Ramona, on the other hand, is two. She likes to run. Full stop. Can you see how this might be a problem?

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Together, Together, Together

Last week flew right on by me. Mostly, I kept my head down and focused on getting through the hot temperatures that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday held and then basked in the sweet relief of cooler temperatures for the rest of the week. Also-the kids and I had some really good days, so while I was tired at the end of each (and every) night, it wasn’t the “I’m-going-to-pull-my-hair-out-because-I-have-a-six-year-old-and-a-two-year-old” kind of tired. And for that, I was grateful.

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Holding it Together

Some days, I just have my shit together. Not always, but sometimes. Today was a good day. A day when, even though I was on my own with the kids for almost 15 hours, and even though I was in considerable pain all day, I got shit done, and held my shit together.

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Star Wars

Josh and Jude have been working their way through the original three Star Wars films. I can’t say I see the appeal. I mean, have you seen them? The acting is terrible. And, muppets? Huh?

Today was long and only mildly productive. I got a bit of cooking and cleaning done and finally baked Josh some birthday cupcakes, but other than that, nada. Josh took the kids to the park in the late morning, so Ramona’s nap got pushed late, and we ended up having “lupper” again. Hopefully we’ll get back on track tomorrow.

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Oh, my. What a day.

It started out fairly well with an early morning text from a good friend offering to take me shopping at our new local Trader Joe’s. Sure I went out sans breakfast and coffee, but it was ok, because, free samples. Amiright?

And then, the text message from my husband asking me to call him. Then the phone call that relayed the news that Jude’s new bike had been stolen from our lobby (Josh’s had been stolen, too). Finally, exhaustion and tears as my friend and I made our way back home, where I knew we’d have to break the bad news to the boy.

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The Usual

Me: “Jude! Come here!”

Jude: “I’m watching a show!”

Me: “But I want to tell you I love you!”

Jude: “I already know that!”


A Typical Wednesday

~This is a post I wrote in February of this year but never published. I reread it last night and quite liked it, so I’m going to go ahead and publish it now. Cheers!~


When people find out that we’re Unschoolers, they often ask me what our days look like. Explaining that most days are relatively low-key and that we don’t “do school” puts me on the receiving end of confused faces, raised eyebrows, and, often times, an audible scoff. As we went about our lives today, I tried to make mental notes of all the things we did so I could write about them. Please know that today was a typical Wednesday for us.

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Ramona recently turned two. Not long before that, Jude turned six. Josh is in his mid-thirties now, and I’m approaching my thirty-second birthday. I am tired.

This blog has sat here, untouched and collecting dust, for just about a year. I often think about putting fingers to keyboard and getting down on paper (?) all that has or hasn’t happened in a given moment, but I don’t. Well, I haven’t. Instead I’ve watched fabulous and terrible TV, read amazing books, drunk whiskey, napped. I’ve cooked and cleaned (not really), played and painted, sang and danced. But still. This is important.

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Good Day

When we, as a family, have the kind of good day that we did in fact have today, I feel the need to write about it. Life rarely feels effortless. Somehow though, today did.

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