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Fuzzi Bunz-FAIL

Oh Fuzzi Bunz. How I’ve wanted to be able to love you. You’ve been in our employ for more than two years now, and while you’ve served us to the best of your ability (I’m sure), you’re time with us is through. Today I ordered some Chinese prefolds and wool diaper covers (and the necessary accessories), so soon, you’re being put out to pasture.

The members of the Frank Family are BIG fans of cloth diapers. We’ve been CDing since Jude was a few weeks old. Cloth diapers are not only better for the environment than disposables are, but they also cause less diaper rash and are cute, to boot. Fuzzi Bunz were suggested to us by Jude’s Godmother. She has a daughter who’s about a year older than Jude, so they had had some experience with different types of cloth by the time was born. She said FBs worked well and were easy to use. I totally agree with the “ease of use,” but find them to do a horrible job containing the copious amount of pee my boy puts out.

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Jude just pees a lot in a two-hour period. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve been double stuffing those suckers since Jude moved into the medium sized FBs, and that wasn’t even able to stop the leaking. Oh–and forget about trying to CD overnight. There’s no way I wouldn’t have to wash our sheets every. single. day. if we tried.

So, we’ve moved on. The ladies on the diapering forum at Mothering suggested prefolds and covers as the most economical way to replace our FBs. We decided to go with the (pricey) wool covers because wool is breathable, naturally antibacterial, and because wool contains natural lanolin, which makes it naturally waterproof (though you do need to treat your covers with lanolin occasionally).

The Chinese prefolds were chosen because they’re the most absorbent of the bunch. Considering how much fluid Jude takes in and puts out, absorbency is a MUST in this house.

Although I spent more money than I would have liked to this morning, I’m really looking forward to trying out our new diapering system. If everything I’ve read about these prefolds and covers is true, we might try overnight cloth diapering!

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